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We love birthdays here at the River and you can help us celebrate Hailey & Jace’s Big 3-0 presented by Cruikshank Plumbing!


All that Hailey & Jace asked for for their birthdays was to celebrate with you and share kindness with the world, so you can celebrate with us all month long by following along with the 30 Daily Acts of Kindness! You can get a text reminder for each Act of Kindness over the next 30 days by texting “ACT” to 614-585-8855, and if you register below you could win a birthday gift from Hailey & Jace at the end of the month!

Tag us on social each day or just as you snap pics of your Acts of Kindness along the way so that we can share them with our friends and fill everyone’s feed with more encouragement and hope. Invite your friends to join in on the fun along the way and help us spread the kindness around like confetti!

Full Acts of Kindness List:

1 Ask your cashier their favorite candy and buy it for them
2 Bake cookies for your neighbor
3 Mail a handwritten card or letter
4 Pay for a stranger’s coffee
5 Offer to babysit
6 Paint encouragement rocks and leave them around your neighborhood or park
7 Volunteer
8 Collect litter that you see on the ground when out and about
9 Compliment a stranger
10 Leave extra money near a vending machine
11 Make essentials bags for those experiencing homelessness (socks, tissues, cash or a gift card, hand sanitizer, granola bars, disposable toothbrushes, lip balm)
12 Send dessert to the next table
13 Reach out to someone who made a difference in your life and let them know
14 Leave a large tip
15 Put a positive note on your office’s bathroom mirror
16 Donate to a cause
17 Have a meal delivered to a friend
18 Pray for a teacher in your life
19 Hold the door for someone
20 Leave a positive review for a small business
21 Send flowers to a nursing home resident
22 Donate blood
23 Learn the name of someone you see often
24 Make a treat basket for your delivery drivers
25 Let someone cut in front of you in line
26 Leave a sticky note of encouragement on a stranger’s car
27 Plant a tree
28 Send a small care package to a friend you’ve lost touch with
29 Call someone just to say hi
30 Donate extra canned food to a local food bank

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