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1 in 4 children in Central Ohio live in poverty.
1 in 5 children in our community go to bed hungry.
1 in 4 children are alone and unsupervised during the hours after school.
Only 15% of Ohio’s K-12 children participate in after-school programs.
1 in 30 children in Ohio experience homelessness.
Now that you know, will you help?


Since 2016, Salvation Army’s LemonAiD program has been helping kids in our community thanks to YOU!

The concept of LemonAiD is simple—kids help other kids by setting up a personalized LemonAiD traditional or virtual stand and inviting family and friends to donate. The Salvation Army will guide you on every step to set up your traditional or virtual lemonAiD stand- all you need to do is share your stand with family and friends!

The impact is two-fold. First, kids participating learn the priceless lesson that they can make a positive difference in their community. Second, all the proceeds help local kids with food and programs that lift children out of homelessness and poverty. Start your stand by clicking below!

Special thanks to presenting sponsor Cameron Mitchell Restaurants for supporting this awesome campaign!

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