Meet the DJ's

Put a face to the voices you know so well, and get to know who they are outside of the studio — they’re a pretty fun bunch!

Mary O'Brien

Morning Show

When she’s not hanging out with her hubby and son, Mary’s either passionately playing sports, generously volunteering, or hitting the clearance rack. You may hear Mary talking about her shortcomings and the messy side of life. Yet, if you hang around long enough you’ll also realize that her sensitivity is balanced by her strong-will and sarcastic sense of humor. Mary’s most known for her enormous collection of hand sanitizer and her neat and tidy home and office space.

Josh Hooper

Morning Show

Josh and his beautiful wife, Jennifer, have four terrific kids. He enjoys wrestling on the floor and watching Cleveland sports with the three boys, and chatting & doing artwork with his daughter. Josh calls himself a “functional introvert.” The translation is basically that he can carry on short conversations with strangers, but he’s much more comfortable with family and close friends, or on his own. And he loves to explore creation, and the worlds of Middle Earth and Star Wars to pass the time.

Hailey Reid

Afternoon Show

Hailey is a jack of all hobbies, master of none. Reading, running, cooking, or crafting, she enjoys it all, especially if it involves a new challenge. She’ll admit she tries to tackle life on her own, but she’s learning how to better rely on God and on people, especially her family and hubby, Clint. Hailey is a tea enthusiast, a podcast addict, and an avid pug-lover, even though it’s not realistic for her to have one of her own just yet. Someday!

Jace Evans

Afternoon Show

Jace is a fan of airports, road trips, and city skylines. He’s lived all over the country, but is thrilled to be back in Ohio! But Jace is also not-so-secretly from Michigan, making him a staunch Wolverine fan for life. Whenever he’s not on the air, Jace is likely buried in a hipster coffee shop, posting something witty on Twitter, or adventuring with his wife, Lyndsey. He loves Jesus, reading C.S. Lewis, and wearing obnoxiously wild socks. He dislikes winter weather, being late, and cauliflower trying to imitate mashed potatoes.

Chad Bradley

Middays | 11am - 3pm

Chad went to college for youth ministry and theology but ended up graduating with a degree in Broadcasting. Along with his love for Christian Radio, he also loves his wife and kids! Honorable mentions of his favorite things are hand tossed pizza, a good cup of coffee, stand-up comedy and hanging out at any sporting event with friends and family! Even though he was concerned about losing cool points when they got their minivan, sto-n-go storage was a game changer for him. It's the cargo shorts of vehicles!

Greg Murray

Evenings | 7pm-9pm

Greg can tell you to the day…ANY day, how long he’s been married to his awesome wife Julie. They have two sons, Wesley and Cooper. Greg’s known for Friday night homemade pizza night as well as being pretty handy around the house when he has the time. You may have also heard Greg’s voice at Nationwide arena, where he’s been the Public Address announcer (AKA the “Jackets on the powerplay!!!” guy) for the Columbus Blue Jackets since they came to Columbus in 2000-he’s never missed a Blue Jackets home game.


Overnights | 12am-5am

Hannah is a self-proclaimed whirlwind. She thrives off of being on the go and changing things up! When things get to “normal” she rearranges her living room furniture for the 428th time or buys an impromptu plane ticket. The few things that make her want to slow down are playing with her pup and hanging out with her goofball nieces and nephew. If you’re trying to track her down best places to start are the volleyball court, bible study or any local restaurant…but truly, ya’ never where she might end up!

Laura Lee

Weekdays 9pm - 12am | Saturdays 7pm-11pm | Sundays 6am-11am

Wife to Bill and Mom to three boys and one dog, Laura Lee is in mom-mode 110% of the time, even to others with no relation to her. When not homeschooling and shuttling kids from one thing to another, she likes to read, journal, knit, scrapbook, or any other crafty endeavor she attempts from Pinterest. Passionate about God, family, and friends, her sassy comments either gain her confidants…or get her in trouble…on and off social media. If it’s tolerable outside, you might find her “running” the dog (real runners would argue she’s not really running) or peddling around town on her bike, with or without the family in tow.

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