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Meet the DJ's

Put a face to the voices you know so well, and get to know who they are outside of the studio — they’re a pretty fun bunch!

Josh Hooper

Morning Show

Josh and his wife, Jennifer, are the proud parents of four kids (and the teen years are everything they’ve been warned about!!!). Josh loves shooting baskets with the boys, watching his Cleveland sports teams, and watching sci-fi and adventure movies with the whole crew. He and his wife and daughter have a strong affinity for good coffee, too! Josh isn’t much for large crowds or loud, busy places, so he likes to keep his introverted-self at home or in situations where he’s with his closest friends and family, or even just on his own. And when he isn’t spending time with you on the morning show or enjoying his family, Josh is probably playing fetch with their puppy, Ollie, or rubbing his belly. Um, the dog’s belly, not his own. #yikes


Morning Show

Hannah is a self-proclaimed whirlwind. She thrives off of being on the go and changing things up! When things get to “normal” she rearranges her living room furniture for the 428th time or buys an impromptu plane ticket. The few things that make her want to slow down are playing with her pup and hanging out with her goofball nieces and nephew. If you’re trying to track her down best places to start are the volleyball court, bible study or any local restaurant…but truly, ya’ never know where she might end up!

Chad Bradley

Morning Show

Chad went to college for youth ministry and theology but ended up graduating with a degree in Broadcasting. Along with his love for Christian Radio, he also loves his wife and kids! Honorable mentions of his favorite things are hand tossed pizza, a good cup of coffee, stand-up comedy and hanging out at any sporting event with friends and family! Even though he was concerned about losing cool points when they got their minivan, sto-n-go storage was a game changer for him. It's the cargo shorts of vehicles!

Joe Cheesman

Middays | 10am - 3pm

Joe grew up in South Dakota and had a family that was heavily involved in the media industry in Sioux Falls. After graduating high school in 2007, Joe went to college at the University of Northwestern, St. Paul and majored in Electronic Media with an emphasis in Audio Production and minored in Biblical Studies while also playing on the baseball team and serving as a guitar player for many on campus worship teams. After college he began his radio journey, which has brought him through Sioux Falls, Fargo, Orlando, Kansas City, and now Columbus. Joe is very passionate about sports and music. He still plays amateur baseball and is working on a bucket list goal of attending a MLB game in all 30 stadiums (while rooting for his beloved Philadelphia Phillies). Joe plays guitar, but more recently, decided to build one from a block of wood he got at a warehouse. He can also be found anywhere live music is and if the Newsboys are within a 4-hour radius chances are Joe is at that show.

Hailey Reid

Afternoon Show

As an Enneagram 1, Hailey is always looking to improve every room she enters. She’s a rule-follower, but in a fun way (at least she thinks so.) She loves to be outdoors, which is kind of a pre-requisite for being married to a park ranger. Hailey loves to get out and hike with her dog and best bud, Trout, who she’s only slightly obsessed with. Hailey considers herself a health nut, which makes her one of those weird people who actually enjoys working out. She loves to cook up healthy meals at home, but don’t be fooled…she’s always down for some pizza and ice cream. Like Rory Gilmore, she keeps a book with her at all times and gets a little rush every time she steps into a library or bookstore. Hailey’s been called a perfectionist, and while she can’t disagree, she’ll be the first to tell you that she is FAR from perfect. She’s learning to lean into God’s grace and is so thankful that even when she doesn’t get it “right,” God still loves her the same. And she wants you to know that’s true for you, too!

Jace Evans

Afternoon Show

You know those wild extroverts who just can’t get enough of people?
Yeahhhhhh. That’s not Jace.

Jace is an introvert who would rather be at home than in a crowd.
But he also knows we were created to need other people. So he’s working on it.

Despite living in Columbus – and loving it! - Jace is a Michigan Man. His passion for college football led him to start The Rivalry Podcast with one of his closest Buckeye friends (You can subscribe here!)

Jace firmly believes sarcasm is the lost love language. But behind all that wittiness, Jace is a deep-thinker.
He holds an M.A. in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and loves burying his nose in a book.

When he’s not on the radio, you can find him being a coffee snob, watching sports, or spending time with his wife (Lyndsey) and their boys (Malachi and Titus).

Brant Hansen

The Brant Hansen Show

Brant Hansen is a toast-obsessed nerd who, when in high school, was no less than PRESIDENT of the Illinois Student Librarians Association. He was also All-Conference in “Scholastic Bowl”, and lettered in basketball and football (both for keeping statistics) and was President of his own Stamp Collection Club, which consisted of himself. Brant spends his free time looking inappropriately intense. (He can’t help it.) He’s also a husband and dad, and he’s won multiple awards for his radio hosting skills. He hosts The Brant Hansen Show with his producer Sherri.

Sherri Lynn

The Brant Hansen Show

Sherri Lynn has been a broadcast professional and stand-up comedienne for over a decade. (So yes, you’ll laugh.) Sherri is also a writer and director. She recently produced and released a comedy DVD entitled “The Very Funny Church Comedy Show: Together We Laugh.” Sherri also wrote, directed, and starred in a stage play about race in the church. “The Bold and the Sanctified“ showed in various cities, sold out multiple performances, and starred American Idol winner Ruben Studdard.


Overnights 12am - 5am

Shannon loves adventures so much, she wishes it could be her middle name. She is very spontaneous, energetic, but being a homebody is nice sometimes. Being goofy is her first nature, not her second. Learning new things (and actually, everything) like taking up coding, knitting, baking yumminess, playing new video games, building projects…the list goes on for miles. But investing in people, giving them oodles of gifts, and loving life alongside others; that’s what she lives for.

Shannon is originally from Atlanta, but recently moved to Ohio! (she’d love to be your friend!) Here’s the weird thing though…she likes the cold and can tolerate it very well (way too well). She’s getting the snow she never got as a kid, and loves every bit of it!

Obadiah Haybin

REnew | Sundays 7am-Noon

Obadiah has been doing radio in Columbus for more than 20 years but wants you to remember that age and maturity do not go hand in hand. When he’s not on the air, he’s doing adult things like being a husband, father, and working as a Creative Director at a local church or he’s indulging his inner-child in video games, movies, and graphic novels. He also goes to the gym a lot but you’ll never be able to tell by looking at him.

Greg Murray

Sundays | Noon - 4pm

Greg can tell you to the day…ANY day, how long he’s been married to his awesome wife Julie. They have two sons, Wesley and Cooper. Greg’s known for Friday night homemade pizza night as well as being pretty handy around the house when he has the time. You may have also heard Greg’s voice at Nationwide arena, where he’s been the Public Address announcer (AKA the “Jackets on the powerplay!!!” guy) for the Columbus Blue Jackets since they came to Columbus in 2000-he’s never missed a Blue Jackets home game.


Sundays | 8pm - Midnight

LauraLee lives with her husband Bill, three sons, and one dog. A theater and track/cross-country mom, she’s either helping with the show, in the audience, or on the sidelines. She likes to think she’s crafty, but many projects end in Pinterest fails. She likes to bike, walk, read, journal, knit, scrapbook, bake, and let’s be honest: Facebook a bit too much. With one kid in college, another finishing high school, and a third in middle school, the last 20 years are summed up in this quote: The days are long, but the years are short. And boy, are they. Hug them lots before you blink and they are on to the next season.

Dave Stephens

Sundays | Midnight - 6am

This is Dave… he tries to do radio, but he’s not that great at it, so we just let him talk on Saturday nights.
(In reality - he's just really busy with his main job at The River working with our events, fundraising and digital teams).

Quick summary on his crazy backstory: He’s from rural Zimbabwe (yes, the country in Africa). He's married to an awesome wife who homeschools their four kids. He also owns a small farm between Johnstown and Newark where they grow lots of weeds and thistles, chickens and some barn cats.

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