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The River FAQ

Something’s wrong when I try to stream online. Help!?

Whenever we have to update or improve our streaming software, things can get buggy! If we're working on it, we'll make a note on the streaming player page. If we haven't informed you of any issues, try clearing your browser cache and seeing if that helps! If you still can't listen, PLEASE reach out to us. We want to help you hear the songs you love today!

Can you help me get the mobile app to work?

Sometimes our mobile app gets updated for a better user experience. First, go to your app store and see if there's an update available. Or try deleting the app and downloading a fresh one if that doesn't work. If you're still having issues, please let us know. We'll jump on it!

Why do you play the same songs over and over?

We’ve found that people connect best with our music when it’s familiar to them. We have different categories of songs that play more regularly based on the feedback we get from people just like you. Would you be interested in joining our River Music Team in order to give your feedback on what songs we should be playing more or less often? It’s as simple as getting an email, and listening to some song clips a few times per month and telling us what you think!

I just recorded some music of my own. How can I submit it?

We're pumped you love music as much as we do! Check out the link below to learn about our selection process.

How do I find a song I heard on the radio when I don’t remember the artist/title?

You can hear recently played songs and access a full library of our music on our Recently Played page. If you still haven't found what you're looking for, email Hailey all the details you can (time you heard it, lyrics, etc.). She'd love to help you out!

Can The River show up at my event?

We’d love to hear more about your event! Just fill out this form, and someone from the Promotions Team will be in touch.

Can you announce my event on the radio?

There are a couple options for sharing your event to our listeners.
1. You can submit your event on our community calendar.
2. If you’re interested in paying to have something announced on air you would want to reach out to the Sales Director, Bill Montgomery.

I have some concerns about a particular commercial I heard. Who do I contact?

Our Sales Director would be happy to address those concerns with you. There's a lot of thought and processing that goes behind which advertisers we allow on-air, and he'll happily answer any questions you have!

Why do you play commercials?

There are tremendous expenses that come with running a radio station and God has blessed us with the ability of having both advertisers and donors to make it possible to continue to do the ministry God has called us to do.

Why do I hear political advertisements on your station?

The FCC mandates that all radio stations MUST accept advertising from all federal political candidates, regardless of content. We abide by this law or we would lose our license and no longer exist. We believe that our listeners should be informed and participate in the political process, though we never take a political position (as a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, we are not legally allowed to endorse a candidate or party). We believe that if politicians want to inform our audience in a way that is non-offensive, we should give them the opportunity. In non-federal races or issue campaigns, we review the political ads for content to make sure it doesn’t violate our River promise, and then allow you to hear their ads, do your research and make informed decisions at the ballot box. If we accept a political buy from one party in a non-federal campaign, we are legally required to accept buys from opposing parties. If you still have questions, Dan, the President of 104.9 the River, would love to chat with you!

What is 90.9 the River?

We have a new station! This is for our Lancaster friends! Our signal from 104.9 has always dropped off before it could reach you properly. Now, you can flip to 90.9 and get the same great music and programming you love. Enjoy!

Is The River part of K-Love, Air1, or The Fish?

Nope! We are a LOCAL independent radio station that lives in and serves this community. Those other stations are national radio stations that broadcast all over the country. We have different missions, and ours is to be a part of and serve specifically in this city and community.