Welcome to The River. We’re a local radio station that focuses on being the encouragement our city needs.

Our culture is all about doing a great job on our work, and on top of that, having fun as a team and treating people right. If you have a positive attitude and the ability to encourage listeners in their faith, you may be a match for the following opportunities.

Below you will find all of our available openings, including Full Time Positions, Part Time Positions, Internship Opportunities, and Mentorship Opportunities. Follow the instructions at the bottom of each post to apply. River Radio Ministries is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Opportunities.

Below are opportunities to join our team. We look forward to meeting you, grabbing coffee, and swapping jokes. Oh, and interviews, that too.

Sorry! We don’t have any open positions right now. Check back another time!

Our Core Values

Build Relationships

Get to know your teammates and invest in them.

Be Real

Be genuine and transparent while respecting boundaries.

Have Fun

It's okay to enjoy coming to work.

Take Risks

Don't always play it safe. Try new things!


Even more than you think you need to...

Own It

Take care of it or find someone who can help you.

Be Excellent

Pursue excellence by doing the best you can!

Grow from Failing

We all make mistakes... learn, share, and move forward.

Deliver a WOW Experience

Serve and surprise.