We did a thing... We've got Podcasts!

Why did we decide to create podcasts? Aren’t we already on the radio? Good question, and the short answer is… because of you! We wanted to give you more specific content that you’re interested in, that would be available no matter where you are.  Podcasts allow us to get deeper than a 3-minute break, so you get more than what you hear on the radio, and lets you see our DJ’s on a much deeper level. We’re so excited to have you join the  conversation!

Available  Everywhere

We reach for podcasts at our desk, on a jog, in the car — so we’ve made them available on every platform from iTunes to Spotify to TuneIn.

Curated Content

Podcasts give us the ability to give you more focused, curated content that interests you!  It’s a whole new world of good conversation.

The River Morning Weekly Podcast

The encouragement and laughter you love are now ON DEMAND! Listen to the All-New River Morning Show whenever you want!

The Rivalry Podcast

With Jace and Josh.

A Buckeye. And a Michigan man. Talking about the game. And you know which one we’re talking about.

The Roy Hall Jr. Podcast

With Roy Hall Jr.

Feel charged and inspired to overcome private challenges!  Roy helps people become the best people and professionals that they can be.


The ON-AIR | OFF-AIR podcast is what happens on the radio with your favorite River Hosts, but more of it, for longer, and off-air. It’s a continuation of the conversations, sometimes going deeper, or more often than not, going in a completely different direction… it’s the on-air team, but more of it, off-air.