7-11AM Sunday Mornings...

In any given week, you might find yourself wearing all kinds of hats – parent, student, chef, counselor, dog walker, contractor -and everything in between. Life can get so filled up by DOING that there’s not much time to just BE. That’s why, every Sunday morning from 7 to 11, the River has created a time specifically designed to help you refocus, reconnect, refill your tank. It’s a time to REnew your hope, your strength, and your spirit.

REnew, Sunday mornings, on The River!

Meet Dustin, your host!

Dustin grew up in Wisconsin and often talks about his love for snow and the arctic. But he also enjoys a warm cup of coffee… every day… multiple times a day! He’s a Youth/Music Pastor and enjoys life with his wife, Hannah, and their son, Nehemiah. He is an encourager and does his best to bring joy wherever he goes. Something you may not know about him is that he is a black-belt in Tae Kwon Do!