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Spend your workday with Joe from 10am - 3pm!

Whether it’s the middle of your workday, school day, or you’ve got a house full of kiddos on your hands – Joe will be along for the ride!

While your calendar can feel like it’s moving full speed ahead, tune in for moments that will help slow down your day with laughter and conversation. Joe hopes you feel like you’re chatting with a friend!

Meet Joe

Joe grew up in South Dakota and had a family that was heavily involved in the media industry in Sioux Falls. Joe went to college at the University of Northwestern, St. Paul and majored in Electronic Media with an emphasis in Audio Production and minored in Biblical Studies… while also playing on the baseball team and serving as a guitar player for many on campus worship teams. Let’s just say he likes to keep busy!  His radio journey has brought him through Sioux Falls, Fargo, Orlando, Kansas City, and now to Columbus. Joe is very passionate about sports, music and his dog, Zoey. He still plays amateur baseball and is working on a bucket list goal of attending a MLB game in all 30 stadiums (while rooting for his beloved Philadelphia Phillies). And if the Newsboys are within a 4-hour radius chances are Joe is at that show.

Laughter is good for you.

We’re pretty fun.  And we sometimes like to have (make) fun (of each other) on Facebook live!  Hop on over and join in — your comments keep us going. You can also contact the studio anytime at 614-479-1049, or using the contact button below.