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Become a monthly donor and show people who Jesus really is.

Hebrews 6:19 – We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

The world can often be a dark place. Every day, millions of people are confronted with loneliness, anxiety, loss, fear, negativity – and the news does a good job of sharing that.   

But The River is focused on something entirely different – positive and encouraging messages that shine light into that darkness. The River reaches tens of thousands of individuals every single day with the hope of Jesus, and meets every single one of them right where they are at.

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Why are monthly donors so important?

The River relies on monthly donors to provide foundational support to its ministry. Your monthly gift allows The River to make long term investments and decisions based on growth and innovation – so that more people can know who Jesus really is.  

Each month, your gift goes towards providing an abundance of opportunities for your neighbors to learn, grow, and love in their relationship with Jesus in the form of:  

  • Encouraging music and DJs on air  
  • The River Chaplain ministry  
  • Community events and concerts 
  • Family friendly podcasts, YouTube videos, entertainment, and more!

All members get access to exclusive content from River Artists and DJ’s!

Then unlock further benefits at the levels you see listed…

$15 Monthly

  • First access to new drops from the River Fan Store 
  • Gift after your first 3 months of consecutive giving 
  • Gift to celebrate your one year anniversary of giving at this level

$30 Monthly

  • Everything from the previous level +  
  • Exclusive gift only sent to $30 a month + club members each year 
  • First access and discounts to selected events, concerts, and more! 

$60 Monthly

  • Everything from the previous level +  
  • Opportunity to attend a special event (limited seated concert, an appreciation lunch, etc.) 
  • Special design t-shirt to celebrate your 1 year anniversary of giving at this level! 

$100 Monthly

  • Everything from the previous level +  
  • You get to pick any item you want from the River Fan Store to celebrate your 1 year anniversary of giving at this level! 

*Qualifying gifts for the River Membership Club include any automatic recurring gifts $10 and above

From the president...

A personal invitation to the River Membership Club!

The love of Jesus made personal approachable reachable through radio.

You make this possible. 

Thank you for joining us!