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What is the SACKED SINGER?

This project is meant to emulate the show Masked Singer. The whole concept is that each person, while hiding their identity using a decorated paper bag and a voice changer. Each contestant will compete(sing) against 2 others in each round. The intial 3 rounds will have 3 winners that will compete in the finale. The winner of that final round will be the champion. Each winner is selected through audience participation. The viewers will vote on who they liked best. There will be a panel of judges that guess and comment on the performances and the unknown identities. The webpage will be the location the reveals thw winners and extra content.

4 Rounds of 3 Singers

Every participant will compete against 2 others in the first round. The final round will culminate in the a battle between the three winners. The result is the champion.

Audience Vote

After each episode, the audience votes on the winner. The two others get revealed.

1 Paper Bag

Each participant will be creating a character through decorating a bag to perform under.