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We have a winner!


This couple pours their heart and soul into the Columbus community, and thanks to people all of the people who voted for them, they’re the recipients of The Gifted Wedding 2020! Cory and Jennifer see the physical needs in their community alongside the need for the gospel. They run a community food pantry, a winter drive collecting blankets and hand warmers for the homeless, and the Inner City Toy drive at Christmastime. If someone has a need, they will do everything in their power to meet it. They will provide a hot meal, water and clothing in a heartbeat.


The venue space where Cory & Jennifer will celebrate their wedding has been provided by the beautiful and sought-after Jorgensen Farms, in their classic space The Historic Barn. Barn beams, patio space, and a half acre of flower fields… it’s a perfect venue for any size or vision!


GALLERY LEFT Hailey Lauren Photography (table setting) | Native Light Photography (sign) | Ashley West Photography (cake cutting) | Chris Bowman Photography (outdoor + ceremony) | Buckeye Entertainment (bridal portrait)

Our vision was inspired by Shelby + AJ...

Shelby and AJ wanted to have a dream wedding.  But when they realized how much a wedding costs, it seemed like an impossible and totally impractical feat to pull off.  So they did things a little differently…

Shelby and AJ both have a heart for overseas missions. When $20 could save a child’s life, it seemed crazy to spend it on wedding favors. So they merged the two — they asked vendors to donate their services to their wedding, and Shelby and AJ in turn would donate what they would have spent to missions overseas.

Val Jorgensen of Jorgensen Farms, a gorgeous wedding venue, heard what they were doing — and donated her space to their big day.  And they’ve decided to do it again, only this  time… the couple they are giving it to could be you or someone you love.

...and we're going to follow in their footsteps.

Shelby and AJ were able to raise enough to build a clinic in El Salvador, a country  that had a special place in Shelby’s heart.  She and AJ had gone multiple times and built sweet relationships with several children there, and it meant so much to them that these children would have the care they needed.

In honor of their story and effort, 104.9 the River and Thrivent Financial will donate $1,500 to the non profit of our winning couple’s choice.

Thank you to everyone who nominated a couple!

Registration is now closed.  We’ll be picking our finalists and announcing them at a special event for ALL of our nominated couples on Wednesday, August 14th.  If you were nominated, please RSVP and let us know you can make it!  We’re so excited to meet you!

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