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On The Narrative podcast, Center for Christian Virtue’s Aaron Baer, David Mahan, and Mike Andrews welcome world-renowned experts to dissect current issues and events with conviction and clarity. Each episode will equip you to think critically and biblically about today’s most pressing topics. 

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Aaron Baer is the President of Center for Christian Virtue (CCV). Under Aaron’s leadership, CCV has led efforts in Ohio to enact life-changing and lifesaving legislation, including bills to prohibit abortion at the moment a heartbeat is detected in an unborn child, expand Ohio’s school choice programs, and protect religious freedom.

Aaron has a background working in startup technology and for one of the nation’s premier family policy councils, Center for Arizona Policy (CAP). Following his tenure at CAP, Aaron served as Policy Advisor to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. Among other outlets, Aaron has appeared on CNN and NBC Nightly News, and his writings have been published in the Cincinnati Enquirer, USA Today, and the Arizona Republic.

David Mahan is the Policy Director for CCV. For nearly 20 years, David has been a popular presenter and consultant for organizations such as the Federal Administration for Children and Families, Georgia Governor’s Office for Children and Families, Maryland Department of Health, Mississippi Department of Human Services, Heartbeat International, Council of Urban Boards of Education, and SWITCH Anti-Trafficking Network. He is a fierce international advocate for youth and families, addressing tough audiences on tough topics such as sexual risk avoidance, abortion, human trafficking prevention, fatherless homes, and gender identity.

Mike Andrews is CCV’s Communications Director. Mike’s career in media, communications, and public relations has spanned more than 20 years. Most recently, he spent nearly 10 years at Licking Memorial Health Systems in Newark, Ohio, where he supervised a variety of projects that included graphic design, video and audio production, print publications, and web design as Public Relations Manager. Prior to joining LMHS, Mike worked in the Office of Athletics Communications at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. He has also enjoyed numerous opportunities to broadcast high school and collegiate sporting events in Central Ohio over the past two decades.