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Welcome to the River Family, WQKT!



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Who we are, and who we want to be for YOU.

Some days, you might play The River for some nice background music. Some days, you’ll play it so your kids don’t hear anything inappropriate. But some days, you listen because life has knocked you down, and you need help getting back up. We’re here for all of them. Our mission is to show people who Jesus really is so they will grow closer to Him. We’re beyond excited to meet you and desire to get you connected to things that can make your day a little brighter!

We are committed to serving the Wooster community. We know change is hard and that 104.5 will sound different. While it may be different, our goal is that when you turn the dial, you will feel the love of Jesus through our programming, see his face in the faces of our staff, and find new hope when your day has been rough. We will be here for you.

Meet the DJ’s

Here are the people who will walk you through it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does The River do?

Where can I listen?

How do I connect with your chaplain and prayer ministry?

We have Chaplains on staff that are a safe place to turn if you need council, a listening ear, prayer, or direction. You can learn more about them and reach out to them here.

You can let a Chaplain know about your prayer request, or you can write it on our prayer page! We monitor the prayer wall ourselves and you can be certain we are praying for you.

How else can I connect and learn more?

More Resources for You

Want some next steps to get to know us, deepen your faith, or connect? Here are some good places to start...


We have trained Chaplains on staff who are available for you! Share a prayer request or just talk through things going on in your life...

Devotionals Written by our DJ’s

Sign up for a short weekly devotional sent straight to your inbox every Monday, and start your week off encouraged!

Find Hope

Learn more about the hope we have in Jesus, and hear River artists discuss some of the tough questions we all face about our faith.