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“All Mama Wants Is A Silent Night” Glitter Mug

If there’s one thing I have heard from so many of my “Mommy” friends, it’s that a quiet night is definitely needed this time of

year. With all the hustle and bustle, here’s a great way to treat your Mom or a Mom you know with something that will make them smile.

Whip up one of these “All Mama Wants Is A Silent Night” glitter mugs, fill it with a good cup of cocoa, get everyone but her out of the house, and let her have a quiet evening by the fire! Pair the mug with a good book, a rich chocolate dessert, or one of her favorite treats to seal the deal.

I was a little snobby with this mug, because I wanted one that was both durable and dishwasher safe. I used all Martha Stewart products, because based on some research, these won’t let you down! Her decoupage and glitter have held up like a dream. I also found two tested tutorials for the best results.

The only thing I did differently was add my own little twist to the painters tape. I taped the shapes of Christmas trees to make it a little different. I find it hard to tape a straight line on a curved mug anyway. Some people add some glitter to the handle, but I can’t imagine a glitter handle would feel very good on the hands.

So here’s how it works. YOU DO THE SHARPIE FIRST. This is really important, because the best tutorials require baking the mug to help the Sharpie design set and not fade. So many steps may seem overwhelming, but it’s really not bad. The final product is definitely worth it. Here are Sharpie instructions I found from Cabin Connection and glitter instructions from White House Black Shutters:


Sharpie Instructions:

(If you don’t want to go through a huge hassle, tell your friend it’s hand-wash only and don’t use the acrylic sealing spray.)

You’ll need an oil-based paint Sharpie and ACSS (acrylic sealing spray).

Do two layers of oil-based paint Sharpie and let dry for 2 hours.

Place mug in cool oven and let it heat with the oven to 350 degrees. Let the mug bake for 30 minutes, turn the oven off and let it cool, then do the whole baking process a second time. Firing twice can help the Sharpie design set a little better. Also, it’s critical that you let the mug heat up and cool down with the oven so the ceramic doesn’t crack!

Take the mug out of the oven and allow it to dry completely. I happened to let the mug sit overnight, but I’m sure you could just give it a couple hours. Don’t touch the Oil-based paint Sharpie design while it’s still hot or it will smear!

After the mug completely cooled and dried, I sprayed two coats of the ACSS (I used the Krylon brand that said “moisture-resistant” from Hobby Lobby) over the sharpie portion.

Let dry 2 more hours.


Glitter Instructions:

Just get the following supplies and follow this tutorial with detail to make your mug! Trust me when I say to follow the tutorial with detail, it’s because I thought I could get away without letting it dry long enough…and ended up with decoupage and glitter all over my hands.

Martha Stewart Decoupage

Martha Stewart Glitter (any kind will do, but I love this stuff)

Painter’s Tape

A White Mug (make sure it’s durable and dishwasher safe)


Treat someone to a quiet evening this Christmas!


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