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5 Creative Columbus Valentine’s Date Ideas

It gets harder and harder every year to make Valentine’s Day feel special. But if there’s anything I’ve learned in my first year of marriage, it’s that it never hurts to take a fresh perspective. And luckily for you, I’m new to Columbus and have learned some creative ways to add some flavor to your Valentine’s Day date… And all right here in Cbus!

As my wife and I explore the city, maybe these date ideas will help you get some fresh perspective too.


1. The Columbus Coffee Trail:

There’s no way you have lived in Columbus and not heard of the Columbus Coffee Trail. But have you actually fully participated? There are 22 coffee shops on the trail, and chances are you haven’t seen every one of them. Find one or two you haven’t been to and go try something new!

Here’s a couple ideas to spice it up:

  • Find one in a part of town you don’t go to often: For my wife and I, German Village is practically a mystery. But we had a blast visiting the new Fox in the Snow location down there!
  • Order something for your sweetheart: I always get the same generic things at coffee shops. But when I order for my wife, and vice versa, we tend to be more adventurous. Who cares if it ends up not being something you like, at least you both are trying something new!


2. Franklin Park Conservatory:

Being of a more southern heritage, the cold weather is getting to me. What better way to get some color back into your winter than checking out some of the cool exhibits! They have an orchid exhibit now through early March, parking is free, and you don’t technically have to buy flowers now if you are taking your sweetheart to look at flowers. You’re welcome.


3. Columbus Cooking Class:

The Seasoned Farmhouse offers some cool options for getting a cooking class in with your special someone. It’s a great way to learn something new together and stretch your comfort zone a little. And knowing how to cook for your special someone is never a bad thing.


4. The Candle Lab:

Speaking of trying new things, chances are you haven’t made your own candle scent! I learned about The Candle Lab a couple weeks ago and I think this is a great date idea! Make a candle together that you can use to light your romantic dinner later.


5. Visit your favorite Radio Station!

You listen to The River all the time, but have you actually seen The River? Mary & Josh entertain your morning, Laura keeps you steady at work, and Hailey & Jace get you home every day, but have you actually met them?

Seriously, come visit us! Get a tour of the station, meet the team, and even put your handprint on our wall (ask Joy when you come). Learn about your favorite radio station and see something new! Just don’t push any of the buttons… Learned that one the hard way.


Hopefully these ideas can spark some creativity in you if you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day. Celebrate the community you live in with the person you love, and it’s sure to be a good time!

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