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Creative Ways To Disguise Boring Gift Cards


Christmas Gift Cards | How To Disguise Boring GiftsI get sick of handing envelopes to people at Christmas. It’s just so boring to hand over something as obvious as a gift card. This year I wanted to be a little more creative, so I found a few cute ideas to make gift cards pop a little more during the Christmas season.


Starbucks Gift Card Cup

My oldest nephew got into the “cool” phase, and apparently part of that includes getting Starbucks drinks with his high school friends. Instead of just handing him a card, I saw this idea and thought I’d try it out. Get a clear Starbucks cup, dome lid, and straw. Put the straw inside and fill the cup with brown tissue paper (with the gift card wrapped inside). Then top it all off with the white tissue paper and dome lid. Add a bow, and you’re done!


Candy Jar Gift Card Holder

Everyone has a favorite snack or candy. Put a gift card in a jar and surround it with candy. They’ll thank you for the candy but have a little surprise when they open it. I got my youngest nephew a renewal of his XBOX Live, so instead of just telling him or writing it in a card, I slipped a note in with the candy. He loves M&M’s, so that was my candy of choice, which let me add the M&M Christmas poem to the outside.


Spa Gift Card “Mistle Toes” Bag

If you’re going to get someone a manicure or pedicure or any type of spa gift card, it’s fun to include a little something extra for them to keep up the spa treatment when they’re done. Try adding a nail polish, nail file, nail polish remover, etc. to a clear plastic bag. A cute “For Your Mistle Toes” tag adds a Christmasy touch. You can even just get them the nail accessories without the gift card if the budget is tight!


Chipotle Gift Card “Burrito”

Take a piece of foil and lay it down flat. Take the gift card, wrap it up in some tissue paper in the shape of a burrito. Fold the tissue paper and wrap like a Chipotle burrito. Put a bow on top, and you’re done!


iTunes Gift Card “Buds”

Take the gift card and wrap a new set of ear buds around it (You can never have enough). Put it in a small box with a tag saying “Glad we are buds.” or “From one bud to another”.


Gift Card Bouquet

People can be tough to buy for, so gift cards in general can be an easy way to make sure they get what they want for Christmas. If you’re buying for your own kid or close friend and want to get creative, make a gift card bouquet. It doesn’t have to be quite as elaborate as this one, but even with a few, it’s a fun and easy way to make a splash on Christmas morning.


Happy gifting!


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