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Food Hacks


Want to save money & time on groceries & meal preparation? These “Food Hacks” will make you wonder how you got so far in life without them!


Are you ready to be shocked and amazed? Here goes!


Microwave Potato Chips – guilty indulgence healthified!


Waffled Cinnamon Rolls – just do it.


Salad in a Jar – and no soggy lettuce = score!


Grilled Cheese Roll Ups – PERFECT tomato soup dippers.


How to Keep Salad Greens From Wilting – don’t even try to tell me you haven’t thrown away brown lettuce…


Keep Your Ice Cream Soft – total time-saver win!


Simple Trick for Measuring Gooey Ingredients – helpful for recipes almost daily!


Magnetic Cups for the Fridge – a good way to make kids feel independent!


Frozen Yogurt Pops – healthy popsicle alternative.


Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup – individual sized and pretty much instant = perfection!


Freeze Fresh Herbs – have leftover herbs & want to keep them from browning? Try this trick!


Chocolate Dessert Bowls – a bowl…made out of chocolate. Genius!


Let me know how these hacks worked for you and if you have any additional food hacks to share!


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