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When It's Good to Look Back

Obviously, looking back to see when to merge into traffic is good. You don’t want an accident to happen.

It’s really sweet to look back at old photos and memories of friends and family. The sweetness of nostalgia fills your mind…or maybe the feelings of loss. May those you have around you be a comfort. Or maybe you cringe thinking back to that one lesson you learned the hard way in high school (same here, I get that).

“Looking back”, if you think about it, is one of those essential parts of life. But it can be done the wrong way, and hurt you. And boy, do I do this so often.

There are many days that I am plagued by my past. My mind is so full of accusations from the enemy that tell me I am not good enough. I should never be accepted because of what I’ve done. I’m too dirty to come to God. I know He forgives, but He shouldn’t forgive me…ever…

My friend, the enemy is named the father of lies for a reason. God tells us to be aware because he will catch us in that trap. You can’t move forward if you are stuck. Think about this with me here: Imagine you’re walking with someone you love, and they’ve been with you through a lot. They’re helping you to go somewhere, but the strange thing is that you start walking forward, but with your head looking backwards. And you keep walking in a funny lil way. They kinda look at you funny and ask, “Everything okay? You’re looking backward.” And you reply, “Yeah, just moving forward!”

Doesn’t that sound a little silly? You might trip doing that if your head is constantly looking back. It’s no wonder why the enemy tries so hard to make us sit in our guilt, continually having us look back at our past, so we don’t look at what God is done. So we don’t look at how good He is and that He’s got us. So we don’t look at the cross where Jesus paid the price for our mistakes so we don’t have to be bound to our past, but draw closer to Him. God does love you. God does care. God does want to be with you. And He says you are forgiven.

And as you move forward, He calls you to look back, not at the dark moments, but what He taught you through it. Each step forward is fueled by looking back and remembering that He has got you through it, and is always faithful.

You smile because you look at the memories you’ve made with people, and remember it’s a gift from Him…..and that He was also so close in the times of loss.

And I don’t have to be petrified by the mistakes I made when I was younger that still somehow seem to haunt me today, but remember God’s not done with me….and look back at how far He’s brought me.

When life gets tough, look back, my friend. You’ll see a faithful and loving God Who will never leave you, no matter what.

Isaiah 46:4
I will be your God throughout your lifetime—
until your hair is white with age.
I made you, and I will care for you.
I will carry you along and save you.

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