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Make Your Car Winter-Proof

Ohio winters are no joke – Snow, ice, and freezing rain at random intervals. One day, it’s 40 degrees; the next day, it’s down to negative 40!

Usually around October, I tell myself to get my car prepared for the winter weather. Usually around January, I realize too late that I forgot again!


Most of the time, it’s because I don’t know how to prep my car for the winter. So this year, I did some research and found a few great tips for keeping our cars winter-proof this year. 

If you have any other tips or tricks, I’d love to hear them! My car and I will be very thankful.



  • Do maintenance on your car before winter hits. 

If you have any lingering problems with your car, it’s best to fix them before it gets too cold. If not, those problems can get magnified under the stress of winter weather.

  • Check your fluid levels. 

Make sure you’re well-stocked on oil, freeze-resistant wiper fluid, and a coolant with antifreeze. Consider switching to a winter-grade oil.

  • Keep an eye on your tire pressure. 

Make sure to check the owner’s manual to see what your tire pressure level should be. Most passenger cars suggest 32 to 35 psi in your tires in cold weather. Giant Eagle has free air at their stores, so go fill up if you’re low!

  • Keep a safety kit in your car in case of emergency. 

Some good items to have with you include: Flashlight, blanket, hat, gloves, kitty litter (helps your tires if they’re stuck in the snow), ice scraper, shovel, car jack, first aid kit, lug wrench, and road flares.

  • Make sure your heater and defroster are in good condition.
  • Add a bottle of deicer to your tank every  month or so to keep your fuel line from freezing.
  • Check your brakes at least once during the winter.
  • Consider buying a car cover for your vehicle to keep snow and ice off of your vehicle.
  • Leave your windshield wipers up overnight so they won’t get stuck.

Looking for some ways to get snow and ice off your windshield? Check out this post to learn some cool tips.


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