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Sneak Peek of The River’s New Music

Starting January 1st, The River will be playing the hit song “Messengers”, by LeCrae feat. for KING & COUNTRY. Get a sneak peak of what you’ll be hearing below.


Here’s a taste of the lyrics. Hopefully they resonate with you the same way they have with us:


We’ve been given a call. Been forgiven, risen, we livin’ to give him our all. Rise up from your past it’s holding you down. This moment is all that matters the future is now. How will the people know if we don’t tell ’em if we fail ’em? They stumblin’ in the dark but the light is what we carry. Yea, don’t have to wonder your purpose or what you here for. Reflect his image and show the world what he cares for.


I’ve been a lot of places where the scene ain’t pretty. I’ve seen plenty of hatred death and destruction where ignorance kills many. The blind leading the blind we turning a blind eye. That alone is a crime we got the power of life. I know that we make mistakes don’t let ’em keep you away.


Mercy love and His grace is the reason we move ahead…


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