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Thank you for your Match Pledge!

Your pledge of $1,000 or more will make a tremendous impact as it inspires other listeners to say, “I am The River!”

God uses these match moments during Sharathon to inspire others to invest in the River. Brock and Nicole Meadows, shared their matching gift experience:

“The River has been such an encouraging factor every day in our lives. We have two awesome boys and those moments in the car give you an opportunity anywhere you are to get centered and keep you focused on what matters most. It’s so cool to have them sing along and say, “Daddy turn up the music.” Any time you can contribute to something bigger than yourself it makes you feel great. The River is doing a great job, and knowing the work they are doing and where this is going, if we can be a part of inspiring others to do the same then that’s even better! Then to see our pledge nearly tripled and know that God used our donation to encourage 20 people to call in was incredible.”

Thanks again for your Match Fund Pledge. I’m excited to see what God does during the upcoming Sharathon through your investment in The River!

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Email Dave Stephens, or call at 614-289-5713.


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