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Why We Become Parents


It’s funny how we change as we grow up. Heartbreak and disappointment slowly creep in as the years go by. Yet it’s even funnier that we still have an innate desire to bring children into that same world. I think it’s because we remember tiny glimmers of joy, peaceful moments, and days that were jam-packed with meaning, with purpose. Days that we were given by God to be loved and feel loved. Those moments in life are more powerful than all the dark days combined It’s only natural for us to create new life to share in those same experiences, to watch our kids grow and learn, and to love on them with all we’ve got. It also helps that we get to giggle at them when they attempt to walk for the very first time or when they say funny (and potentially embarrassing) things. Children give us the chance to see those beautiful moments all over again. It’s so evident, especially when they’re young. So to all the parents out there with kids – appreciate where they are now, see those glimmers of awe and wonder, and do me a favor – ask them to SLOW DOWN. They grow up too fast.  If you haven’t seen this moving video yet, check it out.


P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there. Remember all the joy that life holds, and remember that your kids are in a precious time in their lives. Don’t let it pass you by unnoticed. If this really touched your heart, please tell us about it and leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

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