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Your Trousers are Burning

Would you consider yourself to be a liar? I think we all can admit we lie or have lied, but you wouldn’t call yourself a habitual liar, right? Well, heads up! A new study says each person lies at least four times a day. That’s our starting place. The average. Four lies a day.

Here’s a deeper question: What do you think about other people? Do you think other people lie a lot? The study also discovered we believe other people lie six times a day. We think we’re better than others.

This is why what Jesus says and who Jesus is, is Good News! You and I are liars. We are liars and we are sinners and we do and say the wrong things. And on top of it, we think other people are worse than us. God tells us we’re supposed to consider others to be better than we are (Philippians 2:3). I mean, we are worse than just liars because we think we do it less and that makes us somehow better! Our standard isn’t supposed to be doing less bad. Our standard is the perfection of Jesus. That’s what we have to live up to!

But how?

I am so glad that Jesus came and saved me from myself. Because left to just my own thoughts and desires it will be a downward spiral. If left to myself, I become a lying, cheating, fearful horrible person, and that’s the truth. But Jesus died so I could take on His perfect life, and trade in my sin and shame. Jesus paid it all, and He makes me new! And that is really, really Good News.

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