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10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for under $10

My husband and I decided that one way we were going to save money is by cutting back on gifts for each other at the holidays. I’m not going to lie, my heart sank. If I’m being honest, I love receiving and giving gifts. I didn’t think that spending less than $10 on each other would be very exciting, but boy was I wrong! Our first Valentine’s Day doing this was last year and it was the most special Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had.


If it’s something you want to give a try, here are 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for under $10.


Acts of Service – Take over doing a chore that your spouse would typically do. Surprise them by simply doing it without them asking or before they have the chance to do it. It’s a small gesture that will make your spouse feel love and appreciated.

No-Technology Day – These days we’re glued to our phones. Give your spouse the gift of your undivided attention by turning off technology for 24 hours.

Make a Card/Write a Love Letter – The great thing about these is you can tell your spouse how you feel in your own words. Get creative tell them how much you love them, what you’re looking forward to in the future together, a favorite memory. This has been one of my favorite things my husband and I have done.

Breakfast in Bed – Get up extra early and make your spouse a tasty meal of their favorite breakfast foods and serve them in bed. Who doesn’t love waking up to the smell of bacon?

Little Love Notes – Hide notes or Valentine’s Day treats all over your house or your spouse’s car. For example, tape a cute note to the bathroom mirror or on their steering wheel.

Instagram Photobook – Print an inexpensive photobook of all the amazing moments together you’ve captured on Instagram. This is a great gift that will last a lifetime.

Movie Night – Have a fun movie night at home. Grab a movie or two from the Redbox. Add some popcorn and your favorite candy. You can make it even cheaper by renting your movies from the library.

Valentine Poster Board – Create a giant Valentine out of poster board using candy bars as your adjectives. It’s a very fun and tasty gift!

Make a Christmas Photo Bulb – These are fun because they are super easy to make and it’s an activity that you can do together. It’s also something that you can display on your tree every year and enjoy them for a lifetime.

“What I Love About You, By Me” Book – This is an adorable way to show your spouse how much they mean to you. It can be funny and sentimental and a neat way to show your spouse how much you love them. Buy it here.


I would love to hear if you’ve done any of these in the past or if you have any other ideas that aren’t on the list!


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