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An Apple-Cinnamon Hug


I don’t often like to jump on any bandwagons, but when it comes to fall, not only am I on that wagon, I’m driving it.


Everything about fall is inviting.


Cozy sweater, a decadent latte in hand, knit scarf and wool socks, and I am one happy girl. Let’s not forget about all the seasonal flavors that wrap a warm blanket of autumn spices around your soul.


Pumpkin, the seemingly reigning king of fall, takes us to a place of an endearing embrace, strolling through wooded paths of orange, yellow and red, and laughing with family as you carve a misshapen eye into Mr. Jack-o-lantern.


Apple cinnamon is the master of cozy. It’s the flavor that encompasses sitting around a warm fire, rejoicing in the peace and laughter that engulfs you when among friends and family. It’s the scent of baking pie crust when you walk in the front door and the memories of running through the orchard plucking just the right fruit for the job.


Cinnamon Spice is that autumn pep-in-your-step. It jolts awake your senses, thaws your fingers and sends a sheet of warmth through your body that diminishes the reddest of noses. This peppy flavor is walking city streets lined with wet autumn leaves, a plaid scarf whipping in the wind, and light-hearted conversation at the weekend tailgate party.


I love how flavors have the ability to evoke powerful memories of love and comfort, and I rejoice in how fall seemingly never faults in bringing us closer together. I believe that the mood of fall can be attributed to many things but the flavors definitely stand as a root from which autumn’s cozy nature stems.


Beyond words, God is a beautiful creator. He orchestrates the seasons and blends the colors of leaves with the aromas of flavor to give us that physical hug we so desire from Him.


That’s what fall is.


Fall is God swirling His breathtaking artistry around us, pulling us in, closer and closer, until we feel His embrace. So next time you enjoy that pumpkin spice latte, that slice of apple pie or that gooey cinnamon roll, smile a little more. That little tasty treat is the biggest, coziest hug you can ever receive.


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