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Can Truth Be Found In Secular Art?

Can non-Christian art point to the Gospel?

Can it point to grace?

If someone is a Christian and also an artist are they “required” to solely make art that is “Christian”?

These are questions that come up all the time for creative Christians. This is something I have thought about extensively and have settled on a conclusion that may rub some people the wrong way. In the beginning God created. God is an artist; He created this world with all the things in it – the animals, plants, you and me. I’d say He is the best artist of them all.

I see beauty in his creation. When I look at a flower I don’t see a “made by God” tag or scripture written anywhere on it yet I still see the beauty and appreciate it as his handiwork. His creation is not “Christian” yet I can still see things that point me to Him. Now if I feel inspired and paint an abstract piece of art that has no representation of Jesus or a cross, I can stand back and admire the colors, the analyze the shapes, and I can feel the texture and be reminded of our God and thank him for the ability to see colors, to understand the function of shape, and to appreciate the textures.
I look at art that is not labeled “Christian” and can see the same things. I can watch a mainstream movie and still find truth and beauty in the content and visuals. I see mankind’s depravity depicted, I get challenged by views outside my own limited sphere, and I can find themes of hope and redemption that resonate with the Christian and non-Christian alike.

These are all good things, for Christians and non-Christians alike. We are sewn from the same cloth and both share a desire for something bigger than ourselves. We seek to see God in our daily lives, and I don’t think you have to explicitly set out to create it for it to appear.

Let’s get inspired by art and let’s challenge each other. Seek truth in art.


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