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So You’re Interested in a Remodel?

Thanks for clicking our Dream Makeover Partnership Page!

Here’s the deal.
The River has a close partner in Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers. And we think they are the best… the best in making your remodel a beautiful experience – and the best in unmatched quality.
And this questionnaire is for you if you’re SERIOUSLY thinking potential remodel.

We’re not interested in soliciting you if you’re not serious.  And we want to be kind and respectful of our friends at Dave Fox  as well.

But if you are serious… we understand this decision is a big deal.  It’s very exciting… and a very big deal.
And we believe that you’ll find that a conversation with our friends would do you good.  And that you’d get some really great expert advice.

Whether you end up using them for your remodel or not.

So fill out our short survey below. If you do, a Dave Fox team member will follow-up with you. And for doing so, we’ll send you a “thank-you lunch” from the delicious Texas Roadhouse.

Thanks for considering our friends at:





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