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DIY Summer Projects by Springfield Flea Market


Columbus has some cute antique stores and small flea markets around, but one of the best I’ve found is the Springfield Flea Market. It’s about a 45 minute drive from Columbus, give or take, but it’s worth every minute of your trip. What makes it so different? The furniture. You’ll find your classic collections of milk bottles, antique mason jars, old crates, window frames, and the like, but so many people bring loads of antique furniture, too. I bought a small shelf for $15, painted it a bright color, and every time people come in they ask where I got it. I gladly tell them the Springfield Flea Market! There are only a few weekends left for their outdoor vendors, so snag some friends and put it on the calendar. Admission changes based on the weekends, so be sure to check before you choose.


Here are some fun projects you can be thinking about when you visit the Springfield Flea Market:


Paint Swatch Dresser Drawers
Ladder Blanket Holder
Industrial-Vintage Filing Cabinet
Botanical Window Pane Wall Art
Farmhouse Crate Stool
Flower Pot Chandelier


While you can go to the indoor antique mall throughout the year, the outdoor exhibits are only open a few more weekends this year until they close for winter. The last if the 2016 weekends are August 20th-21st, September 16th-18th Extravaganza* (admission fee for this weekend), and October 15th-16th at the Clark County Fairgrounds.


*The Springfield Flea Market Extravaganza is a HUGE event where over 2,000 vendors bring their furniture, antiques, repurposed items, and vintage collectibles. That’s why there’s a fee associated with it. While you have to pay money to get in, it’s so much fun because of how many options you have. According to Country Living, Martha Stewart Living, Country Home, and CNN, it’s one of “America’s Best”.





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