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DIY Valentine Window Heart


Valentine-Stained-Glass-HeartI try not to buy too much into the Valentine holiday, because what I remember most as a kid is a competition over who had the coolest Valentine box or who got the most Valentines. So I looked for a craft that would make people’s day a little brighter…and that was easy to make. Honestly this could transition into any day in the winter, because you could make all different kinds of shapes and sizes to hang on the window.

Here are instructions on how to make your own Stained Glass Heart this Valentine’s Day.


What you need:

Mod Podge
A Clear Paper Sleeve
Colorful Tissue Paper
Foam Brush



What you do

Cut the tissue paper into squares (or if you have a kiddo old enough to help, you can have them do this). Cut the binding off of the clear paper sleeve so that it opens like a book. Lay it flat and mod podge the pieces of tissue paper on to it in any pattern you like. You don’t need to press very hard, or you might tear the tissue paper. Let it dry. Then gently fold (but do not crease) the sleeve over and cut a heart shape. Remove the tissue paper and hang your heart!
You can make a ton of these for fun because they’re cheap and easy to make. Spread the love this Valentine’s Day 🙂



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