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River Partner Spotlight

Dr. Magic Smile

Meeting Dr. Magic Smile

Family Dentist Dr. Timothy Moore and his team have supported The River for over 15 years! And while there’s much to appreciate about the Doc, one thing we most love him for has been his constant commitment and partnership to one of our most popular promotions of all time, the Vacation Bible School Tour.

Dr. Moore helped us kick off that program over 10-years ago, and has been delivering faith-based magic shows to the kids all along the way. He can make more than cavities disappear.

Today, we’re doing a quick Q&A with Dr. Moore, so that you can get to know his practice!

We have to start with the name, why Dr. Magic Smile?

DM: For me, it’s more than just a fun name describing great smiles. First, I really do love dentistry. The joy and confidence that a smile brings is second to none.

But magic has also always been a love of mine. I picked it up when I was about 10 years old. I’ve been lucky enough to rub elbows with some really talented magicians, like David Blaine and David Copperfield. And it’s been a lifelong fun hobby that we also integrate into the office, with posters on the wall or in making some kids feel comfortable in the dentist office.

Why have you partnered with The River for all of these years?

DM: Partnering with The River has been a blessing and a big deal to me. I’m a man of faith myself, and I truly believe in using the gifts God has given us to give back. I particularly enjoy doing the Vacation Bible School Tour. We put on a fun little magic show for the kids, but we also get to talk about the amazing love of Jesus throughout the show.

So now that we talked about the fun stuff. What makes your dental office a great option for River families?

DM: We’re a small, family-owned practice that really tries to go above and beyond when it comes to making families feel comfortable. We’ll do the little magic tricks for the kids if they’re feeling uneasy. And generally, we just make sure our office is a friendly, inviting place.

Just as important though, we’ve invested in the best of technology to make the dental experience better for our patients.

  • We do before and after pictures for all of our patients. Getting to actually see the realities of dental health can be a big motivator for patients. And nothing is better than getting to see the improvements we’ve made together over time.
  • One of our coolest investments in technology is our CEREC, same-day crown capabilities. This technology allows us to design and implement a crown in just one visit. No more gooey molds, temporaries or multiple visits — ultimately saving you precious time and money.
  • We also recently began using the KöR Whitening System. Which is a fantastic solution for those interested in highly-effective teeth whitening.

Where Are You Located?

DM: We’re really easy to find in NW Columbus. Our office is near the corner of Sawmill Rd and Bethel Rd. It’s a great little sweet spot right in the middle of Dublin, Worthington, Hilliard, Clifton and Upper Arlington. And we serve families from all over Columbus.

How can River families contact you?

DM: The easiest way to reach out for an appointment is through our website — Or just give us a call during office hours! 614-459-5205. We would love to have you in for a visit.

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