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Feeling Predictable And Boring


MusicTeam-Undercurrent_BLOGIt’s that moment when you look at your wardrobe and realize that you’ve become predictable and boring. Time to go shopping! Recently, we’ve felt predicable and boring. Maybe you’ve noticed that we’ve made a few subtle changes like more new music and some different artists too.


That’s why it’s so important that more people who listen share their opinion today. We need to know if we’re meeting your expectations of what The River should sound like. That’s why we have The River Music Team. As a matter of fact, The River Music Team was the thing that helped us see that we needed a lot of growth and change. Once we looked in the mirror and did some self-evaluation, we were ready to make some adjustments. And that’s where you come in.


We get why some people are skeptical about sharing their opinion. It’s the hottest question when it comes to politics right now. People find themselves asking, “Does my vote count?” It does. Same goes with your vote on the River Music Team. You help us decide which songs should play more or less. You get to share your opinion on new songs, and together with hundreds of others, help guide us along the way.


I should mention that it’s free to join. Here’s how it works:


We’ll ask for your opinion every two weeks via e-mail. It literally takes less than 5 minutes. You’ll listen to fifteen seconds of seventeen songs and rate the songs according to your musical tastes. After that, you can choose to answer a question or even leave a comment to help us improve. We’ll gather your opinion, along with everyone else’s and look at this cool one-sheet filled with green, yellow and red highlights. Songs will play more or less based on what that colorful one-sheet shows us. It’s better when more people participate. Now more than ever your opinion can influence the way things are done around here. But most of all, the life-changing songs that provide hope will be heard, and you can feel like you had a direct part in that.


I hope you’ll consider helping us and even inviting friends or family to help too!


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