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Getting Ready for the Solar Eclipse

You’ve probably heard about the solar eclipse happening on Monday.


After all – it’s the first total solar eclipse over the U.S. since 1918!


But in case you haven’t, it’s happening this Monday, August 21. And in Ohio, you can see it between 1PM-4PM.


A solar eclipse happens when the moon moves in between the Earth and the sun. It blocks the sunlight coming to Earth and casts a shadow. This particular eclipse is called a “total” solar eclipse, meaning that the moon will block the entire sun. It’s truly an incredible experience! Of course, you have to be in its path to actually see it. And this time Ohio is lucky enough to be in that path!


Where can I go to see the eclipse?


Here’s a list of viewing locations.

Most Columbus Metro Parks are hosting viewing parties, as well as a few different libraries around Columbus.

And if you’re planning on taking a day trip – here is when the eclipse will be visible in other states.


Do I need any special equipment to see the eclipse?



Just like every other day, it’s still dangerous to stare up at the sun. So you’ll want to make sure you pick up some Solar Eclipse glasses to protect your eyes.

In Columbus, you can find some for sale at various Half-Priced Books locations, or you can try to pick up some free ones at public libraries.


But if you’re unable to find Solar Eclipse Glasses – you’re still in luck! You can actually make your own DIY Viewer a few different ways. You and your kids can make it into a fun science experiment.


If you have any other solar eclipse tips – let us know in the comments section below!


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