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How to Focus on Christ This Christmas Morning

As kids, many of us were taught that Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season. If you’re like me, the repetition of this message over the years can make it routine news instead of a radical reality.

This week the pastor at our church talked about exploring a massive cave overseas. The guide led them into a large cavern and told everyone in the group to turn off their headlamps and navigate out of the cave as a group. Complete darkness consumed that space, not even a small amount of light was present. He and the others walked helplessly, hands flailing, making sure they weren’t going to run into a wall or trip over some rocks. Then, up-ahead a small ray of light peaked through the blackness. What a joy, and how bright that smallest speck of light seemed.


Jesus coming as a baby was that light shining through complete darkness. Christmas is a time to reflect on God’s perfect plan of redemption that was ultimately fulfilled through Jesus. We have hope, and we are saved because He came and died for us. The Cross couldn’t have happened without the first Christmas. Think about that reality this Christmas that and pray that the story can be made fresh for you and your family. Below you’ll find a couple other practical ways that to focus on Jesus this Christmas:


  • Christmas morning, before your family tears into the gifts, give thanks and pray. Thank God for sending Jesus, and give thanks for His abundant provisions for your family.


  • If you have young kids, you can try what my family has always done… Sing happy birthday to Jesus! Our kids love it, and it’s an easy-to-grasp reminder for our kids that we celebrate Christmas because of Christ.


Have a Wonderful Christmas remembering Jesus and giving thanks while enjoying family, friends, gifts, and great food.


If you have some traditions you’d like to share, write them in the comment section below.


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