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Best Ways to Help Victims of Hurricanes Harvey & Irma

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You might feel a bit overwhelmed by all the news about Hurricanes Harvey and Irma over the last few weeks.


Not to mention worried for friends, family members, and everyone else who is affected. And these fears are legitimate. Hurricane Harvey brought more than 50 inches of rainfall to Houston, and destroyed more than 40,000 homes. This week, Hurricane Irma has already damaged or destroyed 95% of buildings in Barbuda, and will hit Haiti and Florida in some capacity this weekend.

Because Hurricanes Irma and Harvey are happening less than two weeks apart, many people aren’t sure how to help both groups of victims without neglecting either of them.

It’s easy to feel lost in the midst of all the crisis.


But it’s also tempting for us to tune out the suffering and despair that so many people are facing right now because we aren’t sure how to help.


So here are 3 tangible ways that we can best help the victims of Hurricanes Harvey & Irma:


1. Pray

Sometimes we can forget just how powerful prayer really is. It’s not just sending a positive message to those who are hurting on Facebook and then burying our heads in the sand.

To do that would be neglecting the opportunity and responsibility God gave us to share the Gospel through words and actions.

Instead, let us – as the children of God – cry out to the living God; the all-powerful, loving, and glorious God over all creation. Let’s pray for protection, for healing and restoration, and for salvation of those in need. God gave us a direct line of communication to Him, so let’s use it and be faithful, just as God is faithful to answer our prayers to Him.


2. Donate/Volunteer

According to Greta Gustafson from the American Red Cross, the best way to donate to disaster victims is through a financial donation, not through clothing or food donations. You’ll also want to make sure you check the legitimacy of the organizations you give to. You can also volunteer in affected areas with one of these organizations.

Here are a few really good resources that are providing supplies, mobilizing volunteers, and giving hope to victims of Harvey & Irma:

Salvation Army

Samaritan’s Purse

God’s Pit Crew

Convoy of Hope


3. Raise Awareness

Lastly, share posts like these with friends and family. Let the world see the reality of these tragedies, but let them also see tangible ways that they can help.

And in doing so, you can help point people to the hope of Jesus that lasts beyond the tragedy.


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