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It can turn your darkness into light


Darkness-LightAt Christmas time God used music to begin a process that would transform Paula’s life:

“I was listening to the radio at Christmas time and most of the music I was listening to I really didn’t care for. Then I tuned to 104.9 and all the music just felt right to me. It made me feel good. It made me really feel good about the Christmas season and what it really meant.

When The River launched the 40 Day Challenge I continued listening. It just drew me in. I knew that I could just turn it on any day and it would speak to me.

At that time I was not regularly attending church, but The River really impacted my relationship with God. I started reading my bible more and studying. Not long after that I lost my son. It was then that I realized dealing with losing him that I was at peace with God. The River really helped me during that trying time.

That’s why I started supporting The River. When you give to The River you are making the world a better place. You are providing something so uplifting. It makes you feel better. I found myself more into my spiritual being. I grew in my faith.

With the 40 Day Challenge coming up again this year when I talk to my friends and my children about the things going on in the world, I want to remind them that God is in control. The TV and the music you listen to won’t bring any joy, but if you turn to 104.9 the River, the songs they play; they impact you.

Listen to the words. It will turn your darkness into light. That’s why you should take the 40 Day Challenge and why you should invite others to do it as well.”

–          Paula from Canal Winchester

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