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It’s Not Wrong to Ask “Why Me?”


“Why Me?”


Do you ever ask God that question? I know I do.


And I used to feel so guilty for asking it.

We have a loving God who created the entire universe and gave us more than we can ever comprehend. Yet, I have the audacity to question Him when life doesn’t go the way I think it should. Me! An imperfect human with an impure heart.


But the problem is not with the question of “why me.” The problem is with the attitude of my heart.

When I would ask God “Why me,” my heart was really saying to Him, “Why can’t I have an easy life with no troubles? Why does it have to be me of all people?” My prayers were self-centered. It wasn’t about glorifying God – it was me asking God to make my problems disappear.

Crazy enough, though, God wants us to ask Him “Why me?” Just with a different attitude.


A friend shared this Christine Caine quote with me:

“God has plucked you out of eternity, positioned you in time, and given you gifts and talents to serve Him in this generation. Your race is now. This is your time in history. You’ve been handed the baton of faith and entrusted to carry it forward as you run your part in God’s divine relay.”


God has orchestrated everything with impeccable timing. And He places people exactly when and where they need to be. Who would have thought that Saul, a persecutor of the church, would become Paul – an apostle and ambassador for Jesus?

It’s because God had a plan for his life – a purpose for which Paul was uniquely qualified. And it’s not just “superstars” like Paul that God uses. God positions every person intentionally to impact the world around them.


So…why us?

Why did God choose you and me to be alive today?

The time we live in is not easy. We experience division, offence, and frustration almost every day. We forsake real relationships for Facebook friends, and use Netflix to distract ourselves from the realities of our broken world.


Why did God choose you to face the trials in your life?

Life is amazing; filled with beauty and love. But life is not always easy. We face sickness, death of our loved ones, financial struggles, and broken relationships. And inside each of us are unique struggles and temptations.


I think there are a few main reasons why God placed us where we are:

1. To refine our faith and bring us closer to God.

2. To spread the Gospel and bring glory to His name.

3. And to use our unique gifts and talents that He gave us to impact our world.


Think about the challenges you’re facing now. Think about your friends, your family, and your co-workers who don’t know Jesus or are going through hard times.

Just as God placed Paul to impact his world, God has placed you here today to do the same.


We often face hard seasons in our lives to bring us closer to God. James 1 tells us to “count it all joy” when we face trials, because it produces perseverance in our faith. Later in 1 Peter, we’re told that once our faith is strengthened through trials, it is “more precious than gold that perishes though it is tested by fire – and may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”


And just as you have unique challenges, fears, and struggles, God has given you unique strengths, talents, and opportunities to overcome them.

We serve a wonderful Father who works all things together for the good of those who love Him. Although we may face tough seasons in our lives, God is growing you into a powerful champion that will change the world around you and bring glory to His name.


So why you?

Because God has hand-picked you to be in this generation and equipped you to accomplish His mission for your life.

And because you are more valuable to God than you could ever realize.

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  • Linda Queen says:

    Very true. I have done this, repented for my attitude to God for taking my only daughter at 20 years old to epilepsy. Then He spoke to me as a loving father quoting the scripture in my ear with the Word in front of me….”My ways are not yours, My thoughts are not your thoughts”. I knew immediately He was teaching me I was chosen for this road. However, I had dreams, visions and gut feeling before things happened. He lovingly prepared me the best this human heart could be prepared….

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