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Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott Sings “Thy Will Be Done”

A song can sometimes speak to us like a good friend. That’s what happens when you listen to Hillary Scott and her family’s new song, Thy Will Be Done.


The seven-time Grammy award winner and member of country’s own Lady Antebellum was thrilled when she talked to her dad about his idea of making a small album of hymns, spurred by the loss of Hillary’s grandfather to his battle with cancer. It would be a full family production, with everyone working in tandem to produce a 5-song CD for dear friends and family. In 2015, their recordings exploded into a 13-song album called Love Remains, with hints of country, pop, bluegrass, and gospel.


Between the loss of their grandfather, Hillary’s personal struggle with her recent miscarriage, and the general ups and downs of life, the family pulled together both spiritually and musically. “We’ve had this intense concentrated amount of time as family together, which has been so special,” said Hillary. “With all we’ve gone through together, the highs, the lows – to be able to process all of that together, to heal together, to grieve together, to laugh, to cry, all of those things…it’s such a continuation of solidifying the strong foundation that we have in our family.”


In the trailer for the family’s album launch, Hillary describes what the Love Remains project meant to her on a personal level: “These are the songs that are talking about the source of where my peace comes from. So whenever you listen to it, I hope you hear the parts of my heart that are bursting with joy and thankfulness, but also the pieces of my heart that are broken. My hope for this record is that it will bring hope.”


So from The River’s family to yours, we wanted to share this new song with you from Hillary Scott. May it remind you that there is so much purpose in where you are now, and in where you are going.


Let us know what you think of it in the comments.


Thy Will Be Done

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  • Ryan Lerman says:

    that is awesome.

  • T says:

    The most beautiful song ever written and sung, GOD hears you

  • April says:

    A beautiful song, beautifully performed. It touches people where they are and helps us to see that God has a plan, we are not alone and we have hope in the God that loves us too much to leave us where we are. God’s continued anointing be with you.

  • Cindy Felts says:

    Your beautiful song, Thy Will Be Done, came into my family’s life as a powerful encouraging reminder that God’s timing is Perfect! Last Summer of 2016, as I drove daily to and from the hospital (Where my husband was for 4 months recovering from complications following a surgery) I would hear your song and others on the car radio pouring God’s comforting Holy Spirit into my spirit. Some days it was as if His Spirit was crying with me and other days it was a Victory song as I realized that His Will is Perfect and that ‘He is God and I am Not’. My Faith and patience were greatly increased and my Trust levels exploded as I took each day, as one doctor recommended – One Day at a Time. I proclaimed daily to God that no matter what the outcome of my husband’s condition, I would still surrender to HIS Will and not mine. He is a GOOD and LOVING God and He wants what is best for us.
    It has been almost a year since we took that intense journey of group/family/friends support, prayers, and trust through last summer. We have grown so close as we watched God work through each and every day to bring us to this day of Grateful Praise. “Thy Will Be Done” is how Jesus taught us to pray and I am very grateful for your song that reminded me of that when He knew I needed it most.