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Prayer Box

Sometimes we may have a tough time with consistency in our times of prayer with God. It can be especially difficult when we don’t see answers to our prayers right when we want them. But God truly hears our prayers, and He answers them with His will and timing for our lives in mind. I started to understand this so much more after keeping track of my prayers in a prayer box.

The idea of a “prayer box” is simple, yet powerful: Start writing down your prayers, and put them in a box. After a while, you can look back at some of your earlier prayers and see how God has moved in your heart and in specific situations.

Here are a few steps for creating your own Prayer Box:

  1. Determine if this will be for your personal use, or if you want to join with a friend, spouse, child, etc. Maybe this is something you would like to do privately for your time with God, or maybe you would prefer to have a box as a family to see how God has been working in all of your lives.
  2. Choose your container. It can cheap and simple, or elaborate and decorated. This could be a fun way for you or your children to personalize your box and make it represent your personality. If you’re looking for a cheap option, consider a shoebox or something of similar size.
  3. Write down your prayers. Faithfully keep in conversation with God, and write down specific things you’d like God’s help for. It might be sin in your heart that you want to overcome, or for the salvation of someone you love. No matter what’s on your heart, share it with God. He wants to enter into your life to show off His love, glory, and power.
  4. Check back every month (or whenever you want) to see how God has been working in your life. I can’t guarantee that everything you ask for will happen; only God can answer those questions. But I can guarantee that God will draw close to you in the process and satisfy the deepest desires of your soul. God does not always answer prayers in the way that we expect, but He is faithful to answer our prayers if we ask Him sincerely.

You might just discover that God has changed your heart in the process, rather than the circumstances.




Written by Cheryl Romans

Cheryl is a very fun loving, easy-going kind of girl with a passion for God, family, animals and writing. Her three beagles are considered her “fur babies”. Life might get a little crazy for her at times because she juggles a full time job with finishing up her degree in journalism while trying to take care of her house. When she does have spare time, she loves to read, write, spend time with her husband and family, and just relax at home.



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