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Secret Starbucks Summer Menu

You can thank the non-conformists of the world. We owe them big-time for uncovering the secret Starbucks menu that floats around. The drinks listed below are ones that friends have shared with me for the summer, and thankfully they aren’t that complicated to order. Some of those recipes you find online are just plain absurd. Try ordering a skinny half white mocha, half regular mocha Frappuccino with raspberry syrup and whipped cream mixed in with chocolate chips… Have fun with that. The following drinks are just 5 simple ones that should be tried.  These have been taste-tested and approved by the team at The River, and we wanted to share them with you! My personal favorite is the Green Tea Frappuccino with peppermint. I told my friend I thought it would be disgusting. Then I stuck my foot in my mouth. It was DELICIOUS, and it’s now my favorite summer go-to when I feel like treating myself on a blazin’ hot summer day.


Chai Frappuccino with Coconut Syrup and Chocolate Chips
Light and sweet tropical twist.

Green Tea Frappuccino with Peppermint Syrup
Great for a late-afternoon blast of energy.

Strawberry Acai Refresher with Coconut Milk
Tastes like a strawberry milkshake!

Cold Brew with Sugar Free Vanilla and Soy Milk
Healthier but still super tasty option for those watching calories.

Mocha Frappuccino with Peppermint Syrup
For all the choco-mint lovers.


Those are just some simple recipes you can order. Again, there are a trillion billion zillion different complicated recipes out there, but I wanted you to actually be able to order the right thing when you roll up to the window in a frenzy 🙂 If you know someone pretty well and think they’d like one of the drinks above, try sharing one with them this weekend as a special surprise.

If you have tried any of these, let us know in the comments below! Also, share any absolute MUST-TRY’S that people should look into at Starbucks. Tis the season for cold drinks. Enjoy!


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