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Spring Clean Your Refrigerator & Pantry



Is anyone else as excited as I am that spring is THIS MONTH?


Now I know that we have had a lackluster winter but I am ready for that official stamp of spring. Bring on the open windows, fresh air pouring through and add that little sparrow hopping along the window sill for an extra touch of spring flare.

This might sound crazy, but something I am absolutely thrilled that as we welcome spring through the door, Spring Cleaning comes along with it. It is time to dust out the cob webs, throw away the old, and welcome in the new.


Where to start? Well, this wouldn’t be the Foodie blog if we didn’t start in the kitchen.


Can I get a hand raised from the individuals out there with the stale box of crackers in their pantry and the three bottles of opened ketchup and a mysterious container of leftovers in their fridge? I know you people, because I am one of you. Yes, my hand is raised high.

Now, I like to think of myself as a generally clean person but there is something about the hidden-ness of the pantry and fridge that allow me to pass over them on the daily, ignoring their much needed touch up.

This changes now. Don’t you want to open your pantry and fridge and know EXACTLY what is in there, that it is all fresh and ready for consumption and that it will not aromatically attack you upon pulling back the lid? I know I do.

So if your hand was raised high with mine and if you are ready to dive into the kitchen prepared for war then I have some steps for you that will help this battle be an easy win for us all.


  1. Pull out all food from fridge and freezer
  2. Trash any food that is expired, old, or inedible
  3. Wipe down shelves
  4. Wash ice cube trays
  5. Pull out drawers and wash, replace
  6. Put food back in neatly
  7. Declutter top of fridge, dust and wipe clean
  8. Recycle old papers, sort through magnets
  9. Wipe down exterior, replace magnets and papers
  10. Vacuum fridge coils


  1. Pull out all items
  2. Trash any expired, old, stale or inedible food
  3. Donate any unopened food you don’t want
  4. Transfer open items to jars or containers
  5. Combine like half-used containers
  6. Wipe down pantry shelves
  7. Replace any tattered shelf liners
  8. Clean any organizers
  9. Place items back into pantry neatly
  10. Wipe down pantry door and knob

This doesn’t seem so bad, right? Soon we will be pulling those kitchen curtains open, letting the light pour through and munching down on crisp, crunchy crackers that don’t make us quickly search for the expiration date upon first chew.

Get excited people, spring cleaning is here.

For more tips on how to spring clean your kitchen, check out wholefully.comSpring Clean Your Kitchen Checklist.

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