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5 Spring Cleaning Basics You Shouldn’t Ignore

Spring….you’ve been waiting for it. Spring weather. Spring break. Spring training. Spring cleaning.


Well, maybe not that last one.

Some people go big or go home. And for those of you like me, it’s hard to find the time to do all of that deep cleaning until it’s absolutely necessary. So today we’re going to touch on five areas you don’t want to ignore for a solid spring clean. And the great news is, they’re all in order. You won’t be hardcore cleaning out ducts using this list, but I guarantee you’ll feel better when you’re done with these simple cleaning to-do’s!


Through the Looking Glass

Start simple. For me, that’s the windows. I want to get the winter grime off and be able to see outside. (Make your own window cleaner recipe here). I have found the simpler the paper towel, the less lint left behind. Or use the old newspaper trick.

Don’t forget the windowsills. Mine gather a lot of dirt in the winter months. If you are feeling extra productive (and allergies are already hitting – screens get pollen covered quickly), take out those screens and hose ‘em down, or use a scrub brush dipped in soapy water.


The Dust Bunnies are Attacking 

This can be quite a task! I bribe the children living rent-free in my house to help. Depending on your level of commitment to a good clean sweep of the house, you might dust around the decor.

Or you can jump in with both dust rags – er, feet -move everything off of dust collecting surfaces and wipe well with a dust-gathering cloth (an old t-shirt cut up works fine). After dusting the table tops, mantles, shelves, etc., use the dust cloth to wipe off the floor boards in each room. This is not something I tend to do on a regular basis, so I like to make sure I hit those floor boards during a good spring clean. Add a drop of essential oils to your dust cloth for a little something extra (a little goes a long way).


Where You Lay Your Head

You might fall into one of these two camps: Changing the bed sheets every week, like my friend Amy. Or you change the sheets NOT every week (let’s just say I’m not in the first camp, and two of my boys have bunk beds; it takes a village just to change the top bunk).

I digress. BUT if you’re part of the latter group like me, now is a great time to visit the great spring sheet swap out.



Have you ever read the kids’ books, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? The idea being that if you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll want a glass of milk to go with it. If you give him the glass of milk, he’ll want a straw. You get the idea.

A deep clean of the house usually kick-starts a handful of side projects. You might find a collection of old toys and shoes hiding under the beds. Even if you just de-cluttered after Christmas or with the new year, a spring de-cluttering is always a good idea. Bag or box up and donate. Make sure your donation destination takes what you want to pass along to them.


Carpets & Floors

The floors and carpets are the last thing I tackle. My theory is that if I start high in the room (windows, dusting, etc.), anything falling to the floor will get vacuumed or swept up in the end. Then I can mop or spot clean the carpets. This might also be the one time a year I move furniture for a thorough cleaning. Or I toss dog toys under bed/couch in hopes our tiny 9-pound-looks-like-a-mop-without-a-haircut dog will go after them. He usually does. One less thing I have to do. This might also be a good time to consider those curtains and drapes. Take them down, toss them in with the sheets, and the air around you will be a little cleaner.


Wait, There’s More??

Nope. You’re done! Grab a cup of tea or coffee, put your feet up, and breathe in a (clean air) sigh of relief! Because, in a matter of minutes, you’ll hear someone call out, “Mom!” and it’s on to the next thing. Happy spring! Happy cleaning!


Some Super Fabulous Extra Tips:


-If you have a pet, send them out for grooming the day you decide to spring clean. He/she will come back to a nice clean house, and you won’t have to worry about your pet destroying all the hard work you just did…yet.

-Play some tunes. If you really want some good, clean, pump-up music, ask Alexa to play TheVibeHD if you’re in the mood for hip-hop. You and the fam can sing and pass the time more quickly.

-If you’re feeling ambitious to tackle targeted areas like refrigerators, microwaves, closets, etc., check out The Fly Lady.

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