Starting a Plan for Your Money

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My wife Julie is a petite little thing, so I find it a little unnerving that she REALLY likes to destroy stuff – like walls.

We’re planning a small remodel of our bathroom and she’s ready to swing a sledgehammer. Since I’m the one who’s going to have to patch and replace that drywall, I need a plan so we don’t create a disaster rather than a nice new shower.

It’s the same with money – We all need to have a plan.


We need to have some money set aside for emergencies, we need to have proper insurance, we need to think about retirement. And by the way, Christmas is still in December… and that’s closer than you think! Have you started planning for that??

[perfectpullquote align=”full” class=”blockquote”  color=”#128FC5″ size=”20″]Luke tells us in the Bible that it’s wise to have a plan – otherwise we’re going to look pretty foolish if we can’t finish the project (Luke 14: 28-30).[/perfectpullquote]

This week, Jules and I are “counting the cost” by getting prices for tile and fixtures and 2 x 4 studs. We have a budget and we’re working on the plan – which is good because I’m not sure how long it’ll be until Jules finds the hidden sledgehammer.


Do you have a plan for your money? Here are a few tips that can help:


1. Make a budget every month. Don’t fly by the seat of your pants; tell your money where to go. You’ll feel like you have more money because you actually will.

2. Use cash instead of just swiping away with a card. Many studies show that spending cash is more emotionally difficult because it activates pain sensors in our brain. You’ll spend differently.

3. Get some help. I coach a lot of people on their finances and lead a class called Financial Peace University. It’s a great plan for your finances and it’s taught all over the city in different places at times.


Let me know what you think by connecting with me!

-Greg Murray

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  • Ed says:

    Greg, having done many of these projects I’ve learned to double my cost and double the time. Also, when doing things with drywall and tile, call in a sub. It will save your Christian testimony, it won’t cost you much more, and it will look fantastic all the while saving mucho time! Translated means making petit Julie very happy!

  • Mark says:

    It sounds so simple that many people seem to overlook it. But having a plan, especially in regards to finances help you meet or exceed your goal. Simply tracking your finances are going to help you become aware of what’s really going on with it.

    Your tip to use cash is a good one because your mind can more easily relate to the value of handing over 10 $1 bills than it can when you just swipe your card. It’s almost like the $10 is worth more and harder to part with when you pull it from your wallet and are literally handing over cash.

    • Greg Murray says:

      You are spot on! Study after study shows that spending cash actually activates the pain receptors in our brain, while using plastic doesn’t have the same effect. Using cash hurts because it’s much more tangible. Many people I coach do a double-take when I suggest using cash for things like food or entertainment but I submit to you that if you use cash, you’ll spend MUCH differently. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!

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