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Summer Fun On A Budget

Ah, the sounds, smells and sights of summer. Freshly cut grass, the smell of a barbeque in the air, and the sound of kids playing. Worried that your kiddos will get bored this summer but don’t want to break your bank account? Here are some backyard summer fun ideas*:


  • Can’t afford a pool pass this summer? Don’t worry about it, you can pick up a small size swimming pool depending on what size you get, for as little as $20 dollars. The kids will enjoy filling it up with the hose every day and getting wet.
  • Don’t want the hassle of a pool? Go and get a sprinkler. You can find some for under $20. The kids will have a blast running through it. Move it around each day to water the yard! Here’s a unique idea on how to make a crazy noodle sprinkler for some extra fun.
  • Another idea is a slip and slide, which doesn’t cost a lot of money either. The kids love running and sliding on it for hours. Make it extra slippery by adding some liquid soap*! Or do one of these great slip ‘n slide games:
    • Slip ‘n Slide Kickball with the Neighbors
    • DIY Giant Slip ‘n Slide
    • Spoons Slip ‘n Slide – Play Spoons with the cards at one end, the plastic spoons on the other end. Once someone gets four of a kind, everyone has to slip to the other end and get a spoon. This game is best with kids ages 12+ and a giant slip ‘n slide.
  • Balloons are a great option for kids when it comes to summer fun. Nothing beats a water-balloon fight in the backyard. Mix it up with teams and have a water balloon toss.
  • We all know that we cringe every evening in the summer when we hear the ice cream truck and the kiddos will come running, practically begging for ice cream. You can make your own popsicles. All you need to do is fill up ice cube trays with whatever drink they want the popsicles to be, my personal favorite is Kool-Aid, and most kids love it, too. Stick a toothpick in each cube and put it in the freezer until they are frozen ice cubes. Then just pull on the toothpicks and there you have it: Instant Popsicles.

All of these ideas are just personal thoughts and experiences of mine as a mother on a budget. You can add different things to what I have given you to suit your own needs. I just wanted to give you some good alternatives for the kiddos to have some good old-fashioned summer fun without your bank account being emptied.

*Please note that 104.9 the River is not responsible for any injuries attained during these activities.



Written by Cheryl Romans

Cheryl is a very fun loving, easy-going kind of girl with a passion for God, family, animals and writing. Her three beagles are considered her “fur babies”. Life might get a little crazy for her at times because she juggles a full time job with finishing up her degree in journalism while trying to take care of her house. When she does have spare time, she loves to read, write, spend time with her husband and family, and just relax at home.



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