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CookoutSummer can be mean. It pushes us to want to look our best while simultaneously taunting us with some oh-so-delicious treats.


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream, and don’t forget fried anything and those summer night grill sessions featuring Mr. Hamburger and his friend hot diggity dog. These delectable morsels, although satisfying to my eagerly awaiting taste buds, leave my confidence a little less than bathing suit ready.


If you’re sitting in that boat with me, the one where we down a bag of tortilla chips by the handful(s), let me suggest some fun summer alternatives that have helped my sweet (salty, anything that sounds good at the moment) tooth find its healthier summer goodies.



Watermelon Mango Salsa


Seriously folks, this one is a winner. My lovely mother made this treat for one of our bi-weekly Sunday dinners and I am eternally grateful. It’s naturally sweet (with a pinch of heat), festive for any summer cookout, and with minimal guilt, you can eat it by the bucket loads.



Four, yes FOUR, ingredients:

2 packages of pre-sliced watermelon
2 mangos
1 cherry bomb pepper (some grocery stores do not carry this – instead I go for the red Fresno pepper)
Fresh cilantro

Putting it together:

  1. Dice up the watermelon and mango into small cubes and toss together in a large bowl
  2. Cut the pepper in half and carefully remove the seeds
  3. Dice the pepper into as tiny of pieces as you can. Just little hints of heat here and there! Add to watermelon, mango bowl. (Do not touch eyes after cutting the pepper, wash your hands immediately following – you have been warned.)
  4. Chop up the cilantro leaves (don’t be afraid of getting a few stems mixed in – they are flavorful too!). Add to bowl.


Ta-da! Time to enjoy. Bring to your next summer cookout or just enjoy on a hot day with some sweet potato chips, on a ground turkey taco, seasonal salad or with a very large spoon.



Greek Yogurt Ice Cream


All of us can do this. No adventurous soul, food processor, silicone spatula, sieves or blow torches required. I’m telling you, I eat this every night. It’s that easy, that good, and that guilt-free.



Any flavor 80-100 calorie Greek yogurt (avoid any that are whipped – will not freeze well)
Your favorite fresh berries (Strawberries and blueberries are my go-to)

Putting it together:

  1. Place Greek yogurt in freezer – allow to harden
  2. Before dinner take yogurt out of freezer and place on counter or in fridge
  3. When partially thawed empty yogurt into a small dining bowl
  4. Top with your favorite fresh berries


Sha-bam! There you have it. This hits the sweet tooth every time. Occasionally, treat yourself and throw some chocolate chips on top (lets go with once a week – knowing myself – occasionally turns into frequently and that just defeats what we’re going for here).



You guys, if you’re looking for more healthy swaps, trust me, I’m full of them. I’m a girl with a big desire to be healthy and a large appetite.


Let me know by commenting below or by staying tuned. More healthy, but oh, so delicious, treats and tips to come.



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