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Teach Your Children Well


I had the chance to speak to Juniors and Seniors at a high school personal finance class recently  – and let me tell you; kids are sharp. They had some great questions and we had an awesome discussion about the difference between being rich and being wealthy.

The idea of being rich seems to bring up the mega-rich: Celebrities, professional athletes and rock stars. Being wealthy had a very different set of descriptive words, like planning, working and giving.

It really is fascinating how our kids look at money.

Here’s the other thing we did – we made each one of those kids very wealthy in the future by showing them how easily they can live well and use money to enjoy and to bless others at the same time.


Money weaves its way into every aspect of our lives, so to be money-smart is critical to a successful, fulfilling life.

YOU can be a huge influence in helping your kids be successful when it comes to money. Talk with them about finances, maybe share how you budget or pay the bills or balance a checkbook. No need to completely open your finances to them, but engage them in this critical life lesson.

If your finances are in shambles, do something about it. Get out of debt, start living on a budget; let your kids see that you’re serious about the money and resources you’ve been blessed with.

If you have no idea where to start or what to do, my wife and I found that Financial Peace University has been a life-changing program. I’d be glad to share our story with you, or you can let me know what you think by connecting with me!

-Greg Murray

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