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The Best Perennials: Tips From Dill’s Greenhouse

If it wasn’t for my mom, I wouldn’t have known how to find the best perennials.


When she started her very first garden years ago, she thought the word “annual” meant that all her beautiful flowers would pop up year after year. She learned real quick that she actually wanted perennials, considering the only things left after the snow melted were flower markers and dirt. Oops. She saved me from making the same mistake, because I hate to say it, but I had thought the very same thing!


My perennial know-how got even better because of a list from Dill’s Greenhouse lately about which perennials bloom the longest. It’s great to keep these handy when you go pick out flowers at the nursery. Here are a few of my personal favorites:


Purple Coneflower – BUTTERFLIES! Plant these pinkish purplish guys if you want to attract butterflies in your backyard. You may attract the neighboring hummingbird, too.

Ice PlantWhile they don’t look like the bluish-white you think of with ice, they got their name because they have little fluid reservoirs that sparkle like ice crystals. They make a great colorful ground covering because of their mat-like roots. They’ll spread, so give them space.

Shasta Daisy – When I see these daisies, they remind me of a cottage garden. I’m also a sucker for plants I can grow and cut the flowers for decoration. These are great for centerpieces at summer parties.

Perovskia – Also known as Russian Sage. This beauty will mesmerize you as it blows in the wind. They look more like little shrubs than flowers, which helps when you’re trying to fill in some vertical gaps in your garden. Plus the name is just so fun to say.

Geranium – This flower is straight out of an English garden book. The Geranium “Johnson Blue” is for all you perfectionists out there who love symmetry. Get these if you want to make a statement.


Don’t forget to pay attention to the care instructions when you buy your perennial. You’ll want to know if it needs full sun, part sun, shade, etc. Plus it’s important to know if it’s the type that sticks to its own space or if it’s the kid who runs around the classroom invading everyone else’s space. That will help you determine what to plant next to each other. It’s so exciting to have flowers with a long blooming season that come up year after year, and to get the best results each spring, don’t forget to prune your perennials. This helps the new growth come up in full force each year.


Flowers are good for the eyes, good for the soul, and good for the neighboring butterflies. I hope that you enjoy some of these perennials and that they bring little life to your garden and your days this summer. Feel free to comment below with any questions or fun stories about your gardening adventures.


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