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Valentine’s Day: Ideas for Every Meal

What’s the quickest way to a person’s heart? Well, food of course!


Whether you like the cheesiness of Valentine’s Day or not, I know you love some good grub. So if you’re not into the day for the cartoon Valentine cards with the lollipops attached to them…then be in it for the meals!

I’ve got some good ones for you that will have even the biggest anti-cupid soul munching along.




Breakfast: Now there are all sorts of Valentine celebrations that can occur. I remember as a kid, to me, Valentine’s Day was waking up to the smell of pancakes (or waffles) and running down the stairs to find my dad had bought both me and my sister a bouquet of flowers and my mom had bought my brother a box of chocolates. Although seemingly small, those pancakes made a difference in my day. I knew my parents had woken up even earlier than usual and tiptoed around the kitchen to make as little noise a possible. That little act filled my heart with such joy as a kid that to this day I still remember the love and warmth I felt. That’s where Valentine’s Day transcends past February 14th.


Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas:

Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls (SO EASY)

Valentine’s Day Pancakes

Red Velvet Waffles

Nutella & Strawberry Stuffed French Toast


Lunch: Now the go-to for the lunch tends to be the time old traditions of cutting sandwiches into hearts, adding an iced sugar cookie in for desert and writing a sweet note for your kiddo to find. Those are solid tactics, so I’m going to leave the kiddos lunch time experience alone.

Instead, let’s focus on turning the attention to your significant other/spouse. Lunch seems to be the un-celebrated meal of Valentine’s Day. How fun would it be turn this meal into a little surprise?

Now it can be a big task to cook all three meals for Valentine’s Day. You overachievers out there; I applaud you. For me, I need at least one meal thrown in there that I can breathe for a hot-second.

So here’s the thought: No matter if one or both of you work, make plans to pick up your s/o but don’t tell him/her where you’re going. Either try somewhere new together or choose that place that you know he/she loves and that maybe is not at the top of your list. I know we’re all busy, but this is possible. Even if it’s a quick meal together or a coffee drop-off during the day with a sweet note written on the side, there is a way to send some love to your s/o mid-day.


Dinner: Maybe it’s just my preferences coming through but dinner is where I get REALLY excited. It’s my favorite meal of the day, so Valentine’s dinner = my happy place.

This doesn’t have to be a crazy, gourmet experience folks. Something simple with some fun love-themed twists can go a long way. What’s “love-themed” you ask? Good question. Think red (not so ground breaking, right?).

Whether dinner is served for two or with a bunch of kiddos running around, there are a lot of easy options that all parties will enjoy AND all parties can get involved in creating.

Easy Valentine’s Dinners for all to Love:

Three Cheese Manicotti

Heart Shaped Pizza – Large

Mini Heart Shaped Pizzas

Spicy Basil Penne

Million Dollar Spaghetti

(Can you tell that Valentine’s dinner seems to love Italian food?)

If you have some go-to Valentine’s Day meal traditions please share in the comments below!

Remember, every day you are called to love others well…but Valentine’s day? Have a little fun, be cheesy, be a goofball – go a little over the top. I promise, your kids will remember the pancakes.


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