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7 Ways to Beat Resolution Fatigue

The conversations in the break room at work are very similar to the ones I overhear in public too.

I’m up a few pounds.”

I was doing great but ever since Halloween candy and Thanksgiving I’m out of control.”

Come January I’m gonna be better at eating and exercising.”


So, instead of a diet or another New Year’s resolution here’s some advice:


Have Boundaries

Track your food on a calorie counting app.


Have Goals

Lose a half pound every week.  Make exercising a calendar event that’s non-negotiable.


Have Self-Control

Stop regretting what you’ve eaten and learn to say no.  I opened the kitchen cupboard the other night and Cocoa Puffs memorized me.  A huge bowl later and now I’m using the rest of the week to get back on track.


Reward Yourself

Eat or drink something that reminds you of your accomplishments.  I will have two Dove chocolates every day.  It’s routine and reminds me of the journey I’m on.


Stop Dieting

Start living.  A 30 minute walk may burn 100 calories but it doesn’t justify a bowl of ice cream that equals 450 calories.  Eat more fish, chicken and vegetables.  Drink more water to fill you up.


Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions That You Break by March

Change your life.  Make time for your health five days a week for 30 minutes.  Put it on your smartphone calendar.


Stop Making Excuses

Have a plan.  Jump all in.  Go for it.  Today!


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Disclaimer:  I’m not a doctor nor a trained nutritionist.  Please see your doctor.  This is my story and suggestions for you to consider.


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