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How can we respond? How can any response ever be enough?


There is weeping over Orlando, and after all the discussion quiets down… There are more than just numbers and news reports left. There are the people left who will never be the same.

Grief does not go away.

And neither should we.


So after all of this?


The only thing we can do is to be brought to our knees.

For Orlando, for all those who are hurting – we need to pray more than a passing prayer as the statistics flicker across our screen.


If anything can change a life that has been drastically altered like those in Orlando, it’s not us, or first responders, or news reporters or politicians. It’s God.


Maybe it feels like there’s nothing you can offer in this moment. But never forget how priceless and powerful your prayer is. Not just now, in the heat of it, but each day going forward.


We want to remember.

As the dust settles and these hurting ones settle into a life forever changed…

We’ll still be praying.


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