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DIY Face Masks for a Night In

On the rare occasion that you get a night in with a few minutes to yourself, you’ve got to make the most of it! One of my favorite ways to treat myself is with a little DIY pampering; an at-home spa treatment.

I’m a huge fan of face masks, admittedly in part because they transport me back in time to elementary school sleepovers and simpler times. Staying up late and pigging out on snacks, what’s not to love? But in my adult life, a good ol’ face mask is what I turn to when my skin needs a little love.


Here’s the cool thing: most of the supplies you need for a great DIY face mask are likely only a few steps to the pantry away!


Simply follow these steps and let the relaxing begin!


Step 1: Cleanse. You’ll want to get all the makeup and grime from the day off your face before you get to the good stuff. Use your favorite makeup remover and/or cleanser, or just water, to get a clean slate.

Step 2: Steam. Bring a small pot of water to a boil, then (carefully) pour into a heat-safe bowl. Grab a towel to drape over your head, then stand or sit with your face above the bowl for about five minutes.

Step 3: Mask. Here’s the fun (and easy) part! Mix up a mask and slather it on.


Here are two of my go-to mask recipes:


1. S.W. Basics Dessert Mask: S.W. Basics is an all-natural skincare company that I have come to LOVE. The company’s founder, Adina Grigore, shares this recipe in her book Skin Cleanse. It’s a great one for both exfoliating and moisturizing.

What you’ll need:

4 teaspoons unsweetened cocoa powder
2 teaspoons olive oil
½ teaspoon sea salt

Mix everything together in a small bowl, then gently apply to your face. You can leave this on for as long as you want, or rinse off immediately. You may feel a tingle from the sea salt! Adina is kind enough to warn you in her book (and so I will, too!), this mixture will stain washcloths.


2. Clay Mask: This one is great for a little skin detox. If I’m starting to break out or my skin is feeling irritated, this is the mask I reach for.

What you’ll need:

100% natural clay (I use a bentonite clay called Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. It’s fairly inexpensive and will last you a while. I purchased mine at Whole Foods, but it’s also available on Amazon)
Water or apple cider vinegar (water is a gentler way to go, but apple cider vinegar is great for balancing the pH of your skin)

Mix equal parts clay and water/apple cider vinegar until you have a smooth paste. Apply a nice even layer to your face. I usually leave the mixture on until it hardens, but if you have sensitive skin, you may not want to leave on as long. It’s totally up to you! Side note: you can also use this mixture on your armpits. Sounds weird, I know! But like I said, this mask is great for detoxing the skin…might be worth a try!


These are just a couple of my favorite easy masks, but the DIY options are endless. Do you have any at-home remedies you swear by?

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